Why not wait?

The Fertility Method

How Empowered Women Are
Breaking The Cycle of Infertility
So They Can Finally Look Forward To A Healthy Baby…
Even if they have hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, PCOS, or can't find the root problem. 

Here's why your Pregnancy Journey needs The Fertility MethodTM

If you don't have The Fertility MethodTM, you have no predictable way of improving your fertility and increasing your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

You end up having to become a Patient instead of a Parent. 

Why not put this off? 

The Fertility Method

Without The Fertility MethodTM you waste time waiting, stressing, and losing hope that anyone has insight to the cause of your infertility. 

Your health and relationships start to suffer and it becomes near impossible to improve your fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant. 

The Fertility Method is simple and works every time. It has 3 Steps - 

The first step is TRANSFORM, which gives you the tools to lower your cortisol, experience the process of becoming a mother with a greater ability to handle stress, see through a new lens, and focus on love+joy.

TARGET allows us to uncover root cause answers to your infertility - helping the body to heal a dysregulated GUT-BRAIN axis that's ruining your hormone cycling. Reducing inflammation, regulating hormones, and creating a body conducive to get and sustain a pregnancy. 

THRIVE pulls it all together because getting pregnant is only the beginning. You'll learn tricks & tips to be the best healthiest, happiest MOM to your little ones. 


  • Lower Cortisol
  • Understand Psychological Patterns 
  • Improve your Relationship
  • Focus on Love + Joy


  • Test Don't Guess
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Regulate Hormones
  • Optimize Gut-Brain Axis


  • Reparent SELF
  • Learn tips and tricks for motherhood
  • Share in community of other moms


The Fertility Method

Julie Pokorny

Registered Craniosacral Therapist
Reiki Master
Integrative Health Practitioner 


With over a decade in the healing arts, Julie has cultivated a profound understanding of the intricacies of the human spirit and body. Her journey, both personally and professionally, has been rooted in the power of holistic therapies, leading her to specialize in Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki. Every session she conducts is a testament to her passion, dedication, and deep knowledge. Trust in Julie's expertise and let her guide you toward a brighter, balanced self.
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