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Brainwave-Meridian Therapy (BMT)

Needle-Free & Drug-Free Mind-Body Healing Art for Chronic Health Problems

Are you experiencing any chronic health problems physically,
mentally and / or emotionally such as (see following list but not limit to)?

Chronic pain (neck, shoulders, back, waist, legs, joints, etc.)
Depression, anxiety, fear, autism, bipolar, ADD, ADHD
Insomnia, fatigue, low energy and other neurological and emotional imbalances
Injury recovery (physically and mentally)
Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS), Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS)
Cancer management and improvement; help with preparation or recovery of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery
Hypertension (high blood pressure), stroke and squeals, and other cardiovascular conditions
Epilepsy, Seizures, parkinson's disease
Irregular menstruum, fibroid and other female issues
Imbalance of internal secretions (hormones) and metabolism
Problems of heart, liver, kidney, stomach and other internal organs
Autonomic nerves imbalance, heart palpitation, irregular heart rhythm
Sexual dysfunction
Relationship and communication
Skin care and beautification
Longevity healing healthcare
Other undetectable diseases or health problems
Not in the above list, as explained in question box
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Is your condition declared “Non-Diagnosable”, "Difficult", "Complicated", by conventional medical practitioners? Are you afraid of needles or tired of taking medication? Have you tried numerous forms of therapy without achieving stable and lasting results? Do you want to get a clear picture about your health and seek natural ways to effectively eliminate the illness?

If so, you have now discovered the right doctor to help you end the problems and improve the quality of your daily life. Dr. Jason Liu is a neuron scientist, certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Drugless Practitioner, Master of Traditional Energy Healing, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. He has developed an innovative form of therapy to treat patients with chronic conditions and help them balance the mind and body to gain the best health, all without using any needles or medication.

The therapy is called Brainwave-Meridian Therapy (BMT). This breakthrough healing technology combines principles of traditional oriental medicine, mind-body medicine, brainwave science, and a series of integrated healing modalities such as acupuncture energy healing music and brainwave sound created by Dr. Liu, biofeedback, hypnotherapy (optional), psychological / emotional healing conversation, meditation, etc. BMT involves no needles, no drugs, and no side effects. The best part of BMT is that it targets not just the physical symptoms, but also the whole being - mind, body, and emotion.

Aside from the traditional energy diagnosis of Chinese medicine, Dr. Liu has integrated modern technology to analyze your brainwave frequencies, pulse waves, heartbeats, and their inter-relationships. BMT is highly customized to each individual’s frequency data, and effectively addresses all symptoms. This therapy helps  remove mental and physical blockages, thereby enabling the circulation of energy along the energy paths (meridians) to empower the virtual life force, enhance physical and mental energy levels, as well as rejuvenate the mind and body.